Monday, September 1, 2008

OK. that last blog background was too dark!

Do you like this one better? I do.
Here is a picture of my next doll, she is almost done and will be on ebay this week. She is very shabby chic! I was inspired by the dress fabric-great big polka-dots in new pastels-powder blue and coral and apple green-love it! There are so many cute new fabrics out lately! I love to shop here and here. I am so inspired by the new modern colors and the nod to vintage-so awesome!

For my cross stitch fans! I am working on a new design-finally! It is called Promenade. Here is a sneak peek. Still no progress on the Winter and Spring designs to go with my Crows and Pumpkins and Sunflower designs, but I'll get there! I have all of the fabric and colors picked out, I just need to sit down at my computer and design! :)

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