Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hey I made a Flickr set!

I made a Flickr set just for my paintings. You know, when I see them all together like that I feel really proud! They actually look cohesive and like they all came from one artist. I guess I've finally graduated from novice to having my own look. That is really EXCITING to me!

My Flickr Photos

I am doing housework today. My kids go back to school tomorrow-spring break is over-yay! (aren't I mean! but man, I've got work to do!) But during the break we played a lot, my sis was in town from Minneapolis and I really let-my-house-go!! You should see it, it looks like a house of squalor! I have the Mt. Everest of laundry, and everything needs a-moppin! But tomorrow when all of the offspring are in school I will be able to paint with a happy heart!


michelle said...

I wonder if we live near each other, my kids go back tomorrow too and I am awful too. Can hardly wait! I have started making a list of what I am going to do this week I am so excited! I can't decide between painting, sewing and cleaning. Gonna have to pace myself! Great pictures too you have graduated!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh this will make you laugh , When I first looked at Flickr I thought you had two thousand and eight paintings on !!!!! I'm such a dope .
But Annie .... I am impressed ! Your flickr page looks great and all the paintings look so good !
You're GOOD !!!!!

anniebeez said...

Sandy have I told you lately that I love you!! hahaha!! Thanks you guys, you make my day!

Sandy Mastroni said...

No you haven't .... but I feel the same about you!!!!!!
sometimes I sing 'Blogland '
to the tune of Toyland
makes me happy

michelle said...

I loved your comment on my button post! That is so cute, button shoes!

michelle sylvia said...

Your Flickr is wonderful but not as wonderful as your paintings!!! I LOVE your style!

Last week was the same for me. Kids off of school and chaos! LOL

Is your Folk Girl and Doll painting for sale?

Talk to you soon.


Elizabeth said...

You mention in your flickr post that seeing all your paintings together gives you such pride, which it should! Even without seeing them together I get a feel for you as an artist that has her own style. I really enjoy your paintings of girls, that are a modern take on portraiture from the early 1800s, similar to your dolls. You should post all of your work on etsy!