Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chickie Run

This is one of my new canvases from my big Dick Blick shipment last week.(remember when I ordered 15 new canvases?) Anyhow, I like this size, it is 6" X 12".I plan to do some long skinny vertical paintings too. I had fun with this one, especially the colors. Its funny, I am still longing for the oils, trying to blend the same way with acrylics and its not happening. Its kind of hard to learn a new way of painting like that. Chelsea and I had a discussion about it last night and she has encouraged me to try the oils. I have always worked with dark primitive colors in oils, how fun would this new palette be in oils-the possibilities are really exciting!


Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Annie .... I was JUST talking with an artist friend of mine . She works in oils and she said there is something new .... acrylics that work like oils [ at Dick Blick ] she says it's something brand new . I sure would like to know more about this .
I'm going to check it out .
BUT You do fine shading and blending with acrylics ! Happy Easter Annie !

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Your work is awesome~
Glad I stumbled upon your little piece of blog-land.

noodle and lou said...

Annie, I love how you are always exploring new mediums and techniques!! You are an inspiration!! Love your sweet chickies:):) Happy Easter!! xoxox...jenn

michelle said...

I just found you, and you have lovely art. I especially like this chicky one!

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

Annie - you might try adding a retarder to the acrylic paints that slows down the drying time. I made the switch from oils to acrylics and it was very hard at first. But you will discover wonderful things about acrylic paints that oils can't do. And it's nice not having to have the chemicals needed to clean up. I've found that if I let things dry and then apply thin layers of washes it works a bit like glazing with oils.