Thursday, February 21, 2008

I feel lousy!

I have a stupid head cold. Last night I took some Nyquil and it made me feel drowsy and out of it all day today. I only took half a dose too. I didn't paint at all or get anything done really. And tomorrow I have to run around all day doing errands. Blah! That means I only got 1 painting done this whole week. That stinks.
I feel really down and out of sorts. Maybe I will try to paint tomorrow morning and do my errands in the afternoon. Isabel is going to a friends house after school which essentially means I have until 5:00PM before I have to be home. Yes, thats the ticket. I can work until at least noon or 1 o'clock.

I spent a lot of time today looking at other people's work and trying to feel inspired. Do you ever do that? Cruise around bloglandia just looking for inspiration? Its kind of fun. But today I was feeling so lousy I just got depressed that all of these artists are getting so much done while I am sitting here~a worthless lump~getting nothing done. OK, enough of that! I have learned not to go there! Better day tomorrow, right? I will post a pic of a past creation just to make myself feel better, and maybe it will inspire someone else!
These dolls are a set of twins I did in 2006. I like their collars. Is it me or do they both look like they smell something bad?


Shadow & Light said...

Cheer up, Annie B. You're an amazing artist and I still hope to snag one of your dolls someday! I, too, like to cruise looking for inspiration. It is fun, but sometimes discouraging, when you see such wonderful work by other artists.

Don't let it get you down! I can't take Nyquil. Makes me hyper.

Hope you feel better soon!

Nina M.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Dear worthless lump .... You made me laugh . Hope you feel better and get back to work [fun] soon !