Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good things on the weekend

I was inspired by Tanya's(Sampler Girl)blog entry to count my blessings this weekend.I usually consider Saturdays my "Jonah" days, because they are days I have to do things I don't always want to do. I rarely get to work on any art on the weekends. But I want to look at things from a happier perspective so I am counting my weekend blessings!

1.Made a mohair bunny on Friday night
2.Had fun at Girls Club with Isabel on Saturday and we made Baby books for all of the pregnant Mom's at the Life Center.
3.Went out to dinner with family Saturday night and had the best Chicago style pizza ever!
4.Came home from dinner to find Chelsea had cleaned the entire house!
5.Put together a care package for Chelsea's boyfriend and his room mate who moved into their first apartment this weekend and are starting from scratch-no furniture-no food!

So all in all it was a good weekend, and tomorrow I get to do my thing for another week!

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