Monday, March 5, 2007

February accomplishments and March goals

In February as far as my stated goals...I did N-o-t-h-i-n-g!!!

Here were my sad little goals:

1.finish house #3 of Hohrh No
2. block #2 of Days of AdventNo
3. work on Jonah from Plum StreetNo
4. America by LHN and then a new CCN or LHNNo
5. get Home of a Needleworker framed, and do finishing on quaker reindeer and little bunny.NoNoand finally a YES!

I resolve to try harder this month, but I think I need a revised goal list! LOL!

1.finish house #3 on HoHRH
2.finish CHS primitive stocking
3.get Home of a Needleworker framed
4.Bent Creek monthly snappers January
5.Country house SAL~January,and February
6. mystery project #1~make progress
7. mystery project #2~finish

My 2 mystery projects are some special little items I'm working on that cannot be revealed until they are completed. Nuff said!!


Harmien said...

Goodness, all these goal lists that stitchy bloggers keep are freakin' me out... :o) My goal this month is... to enjoy!! But your new plans do sound like fun, and I'll be sure to check back!! Happy stitching!!

anniebeez said...

Well I think you have the right idea!! But I can't help trying to get some sort of rotation going-I guess it helps me feel less overwhelmed by my "too many starts" disease! Ha! ha!