Saturday, October 6, 2007

Shepherd's Bush stockings

I have been admiring a lot of the SB stockings that
are being stitched on different blogs lately. I stitched one for my son Aidan in the mid-90's.

I will be getting it out soon with my Christmas decorations and I promise to take a pic when I do.

I started looking at all of the stockings SB has now, WOW! There are tons! Some I really love! Like this one~Elisabeth's Stocking, and this one~
Reed's Stocking. Both are really nice.

But what is with this one? Jillian's Stocking, below. Have we just forsaken the stocking shape altogether? Is this a new interpretation of the Christmas stocking-the Christmas sack? I'm confused...

However I love this design-I think it is my favorite one. I am thinking about
collecting all of the charts and embellishment packs for these to stash away for future grandchildren, as I know I will not be having more kids. (wink!)

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Michelle said...

I love the stockings too! You can see photos of the two I made for Eric and me last year in my December archive.