Thursday, October 18, 2007

New charts!

Well I've been nuts getting ready for the Online Needlework Show, but its so much fun isn't it? I love looking at all of the different designs and discovering new "must haves"!

Here are my 2 newest charts:
Folk Art Stocking and Crows and Pumpkins. They are not available on my website until the show is over.

Speaking of my website, I am having NOTHING but trouble with it. After all these years of smooth running, now I am having big time problems. My shopping cart is not charging for shipping. I cannot figure it out on my end, and I am getting absolutely NO HELP from Paypal. I have a distress signal in to my webmaster, and guess what! I'm getting no reply there either. I mean what the heck! I am seriously considering going wholesale only and having just a web page. I mean what am I paying for here?

Sorry, didn't mean to turn this into a gripe fest, but Wow! It can really be frustrating!


Michelle said...

Love the stocking! And your "booth" on the Needlework Show is great!

Tanya said...

Good luck with the show! I know you'll do splendid.