Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Workbasket Wednesday!

Wednesday is hump day here in America. A day right in the middle, easily the dullest day in the work week. Not early enough in the week to feel ambitious, and not late enough in the week to start looking forward to the weekend. Its the hump you have to get over. So in celebration of hump day, I am starting a new weekly post called Work Basket Wednesday. Each Wednesday I will feature a different tool from my work basket, why I like it, how I use and and where I got it. I think every embroiderer has their tried and true tools that they just can't live without, and I thought I would share mine. Maybe you will see something you don't have, and need, or maybe you have something that does the job even better. Feel free to post any and all comments!

I have decided to start this off with the workbasket itself. This is the little sewing box that I use every day. It is a fabric covered box that I made myself, from one of those oval shaped paper mache boxes you can buy at the craft store. I covered it with a pretty green floral fabric that I like, and made a matching pin cushion. What I like about this box is that I can turn the lid upside down and it acts as sort of a handy little tray that I put all of my tools, threads and pincushion on. No more losing scissors or needles. I am a many-needled-embroiderer! Meaning that I like to have a needle threaded in each color I am working with, so this little tray-pincushion combination works great for me.

I have left my pincushion messy so you can see how I work-all of those needles are for a single project. When I am done for the day, everything on the tray goes inside the box and I pop the lid on and everything is safe and sound until the next stitching session!


Vonna said...

Well isn't that a great idea?!
I love it...I may have to steal it! :)

TinaTx said...

Interesting idea - it just might catch on around blogland! Love your little sewing box. I usually keep all my threads etc. for each project in those mesh/zipper bags. Okay - well, I admit, I put them all in the bag if I am either going to take it somewhere to stitch or company is coming over - otherwise it is spread all over/around my stitching chair!

Harmien said...

What a wonderful idea. I'm staying tuned for more... :o)
The sewing box is beautiful!

Michelle said...

What a cute idea! And I love the green fabric, so pretty!