Monday, September 10, 2007

Such a busy weekend!!

We had relatives visiting from out of town, and they were kind enough to watch the kids while Gary and I went out to dinner Friday night~alone! I cannot remember the last time we had a date like that! It was really nice.

Saturday morning Isabel and I had the girls leadership club. This is an awesome thing where girls come and do a craft, which I help my really talented friend Elda organize, and then some teenage girls do a little virtue talk. There is nothing like a teenage girl to get the attention of younger girls-it is a wonderful mentoring opportunity. Saturday's talk was about friendship, they talked about how to be a good friend and not gossip, etc. the teenage girls put the talk together themselves and then answer questions and give advice. It is really cool. We had the girls make a journal using Stampin Up supplies, they all came out SO cute! During this time all of the Mom's get together in a separate room and listen to an adult virtue talk, very inspirational and designed to speak to the spirituality of mothers. The whole thing is very cool!

Then it was off to Isabel's first soccer game of the season (which they lost 2-1), and later that night the Back-to-School Sock Hop! which was a blast! Sunday was of course-All Football All the Time!!(along with a mountain of laundry and plenty of stitching time thrown in!) Fun weekend-now I need a nap! haha!

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