Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fairy Flora

Look what Nicole started!!
After viewing her progress on Queen Anne's Lace, I started looking at Lavender and Lace designs, Mirabilia, and one I've never heard of before Passione Ricomo. I actually ordered a new Mirabilia design called Shimmering Mermaid to stitch for my DD Chelsea-who loves mermaids and fantasy designs.
Then I went into the WIP archives and pulled out Fairy Flora yesterday. I actually located the threads and beads much to my surprise! I started this design probably around 1996! I had a great time working on it yesterday. Isabel went crazy when she saw it! She had never seen this kind of stitching before. She said," Mom this is the best stitching you've ever done!" I started this design before she was even born! Ha! HA!' Hope I can finish it before she goes to college!!


Nicole said...

Oh Annie,

That's too funny! I know, I haven't worked on a L&L or Mirabilia in quite awhile I like the big blocks of color, there's something very relaxing about it. Your fairy is beautiful! That's great that your daughter likes it!

Sharon said...

She is beautiful!