Thursday, May 31, 2007

PDF update~not good!

Well, I am still having extreme trouble getting my pdf files to work! I'm SO bummed out! Now May is over, and May Baskets is still unavailable! I have tried very hard, spent hours, and it still isn't working to my satisfaction. And on top of that, my regular life has just taken over. My kids have finals, a graduation, dance recital, field trips, well, you know the score. On top of that, I am leaving for vacation with my family on the 3rd. So no pdf will be available for some time. If you would like a free copy of my pattern send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Annie Beez Folk Art
151 S. Channing St.
Elgin,IL 60120


Katrina said...

What a bummer, I am sure given a bit of time you will get the kinks worked out :-).

Tara said...

Annie, what kind of trouble are you having? I can help possibly if you would like?

anniebeez said...

Well Tara! How the heck are you? I haven't heard from you in the longest time! I can figure out how to convert my pattern to a pdf file, I just can't figure out how to get it online. I have a website and was told I could host it on there, but how do I upload it to my website? Its not a picture or a graphic, I'm so confused! I have a u-maintain-it website. Any suggestions?~Annie