Monday, May 14, 2007

Great Weekend!

I had such a great weekend, though I didn't get much stitching done. My 8th grade son had the lead in the school play. It was called Groovy, and was kind of a musical about the 60's. It was really cute and he was so hysterical in it! He sang and acted his heart out and it was so funny!

He is 6'1, so he just towers over the rest of the kids in the play. Thats him in the middle with the goofy afro! The kids in the play were from 5th through 8th grade. This is a small school and a close knit community, so it was great fun to see kids you know who are shy or quiet come out and do such a great job. What a blast!

Then for Mother's Day I got the sweetest little notecard set made by Isabel, my 2nd grader. You know how endearing those sweet little handmade gifts are-I cherish them! My dh bought me a pink razor phone(A huge surprize to me!) and 2 of my kids got together and bought me the angel viser clip( behind my back when we were in the Catholic shop while I was shopping for a gift for my mother.) Sneaky! But SO sweet!! It was such a great weekend!

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