Monday, February 5, 2007

Stash enhancement from Superbowl sale!

I have been on some kind of buying frenzy lately(mostly internet)! But I had so much fun shopping with my mom and Isabel yesterday. It has been a while since we have done that . Here are all the things I bought. I need more charts like a hole in the head, but they make me so happy!!

1. And a Forest Grew by Rosewood Manor~ I can just see this one hanging in the kitchen by the back door!
2. Stitchers Prayer by CHS~I have always loved this one! The verse reads:"I pray that risen from the dead I may in glory stand, A crown perhaps upon my head, but a needle in my hand." I am such a sucker for anything biblical or old timey spiritual like that!
3. Happy Hearts by Birds of a Feather~I think this just may be my favorite design by this designer-I LOVE the colors and contrast in this one!
4. Peach Tree Cottage by LHN~ I adore all the cottage designs by Diane and her daughter
5. Berries by LHN and Crescent Colors~both chart and 5 CC for $12.00? I love this deal and you don't have to ask me twice! I would love to get everyone of these! I LOVE Crescent Colors!!

I also bought a skein of Little House Brown by Crescent Colors to go with the Peach Tree Cottage design, a 9" by 12" zippie bag, and a beautiful cameo needleminder by Kelmscott Designs. So I am one happy stitcher today, and I even feel comforted in my devastation over the Bears embarrassing loss yesterday!

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