Monday, November 27, 2006


I was finally able to purchase the charts for Days of Advent! I love this piece and can't wait to begin! I ordered the NPI silks today. Now I just have to decide what fabric to use. I am hoping to go to Tomorrows Heirlooms this week, and have a look at the fabric that Mary Beale recommends. This is the same shop she is working with. I would like a piece with a soft hand for this. I don't like working on a stiff fabric with a project this big. But I would really like to see the color in person. The Legacy group is starting and SAL for this piece, so that will help me keep on track I think.
I was going to do the Plymouth sampler(see below) as my Christmas day start, but now I am leaning towards Jonah(see below again!), by Plum Street Samplers. I love this piece so much and I will use the Crescent Colors which are new to me.

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