Friday, December 15, 2006

November Accomplishments and December Goals

November accomplishments:

1.finish Marriage of the Minds by DT. no
2.make progress on Isabel's Christmas stocking. yes
3.begin Ann Greanawalt by SL on Thanksgiving. yes
4. take birth sampler(older piece) for framing. yes
5. finish block 2 of HOHRH by CHS. no

December goals:

1.finish Isabel's stocking~priority one!
2.make progress on Ann Greanawalt finishing on Country House ornament
4. decide on Christmas day start and start it!
5.finish block 2 of HOHRH

Poor MOTM is going to the back of the list again, in favor of the Days of Advent sampler I will be starting on New Years Day. I am really making progress on Isabel's stocking, I'm into the boot part now. This is my biggest priority, as my little daughter does not think I will finish it, and even tried to get me to buy her a stocking at Target!(gasp!) hehe! I WILL get it done!!

In the middle of all my goals, my stitching chair has been moved and rearranged twice as we try to fit in a bigger tree, and now my teenage boys are getting so big my house is seeming smaller and smaller. After moving some pieces of furniture I took a good look at my living room walls and realized I MUST paint! Can you imagine, at this time of year? But I'm commited now and must get it done this weekend! So now its time to get off the computer and get to work!

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