Sunday, November 5, 2006

Welcome to my stitching blog!

I have decided to begin a blog devoted solely to my hobby of stitching fine needlwork projects. I am obsessed with needlework. It is what I do to relax from a long day of creating things for a living and running my kids around to their many sporting events.
I began my career in needlework 16 years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. I had some problems with the pregnancy so I was housebound for a couple of months. My mother taught me to cross stitch and a love affair was born. I can't begin to count all the hours I have spent lovingly stitching my little projects. I soon moved on beyond cross stitch, with an eye toward more advanced stitching. I joined a local needlwork guild in the early 90's, an EGA group. But eventually it lost its vigor and the birth of 2 more children pulled me away from needlwork for a while. I went on with other forms of art, eventually opening and operating a business designing cloth dolls and patterns, and this remains my primary source of income today. I am very lucky to spend my days creating things, but in the evenings, when I want to relax, it is the needle and thread that I turn to.
Above are a brief account of some of the pieces I have stitched most recently.

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