Monday, August 21, 2006

2nd Izannah in my series

Here is my little Izannah #2. She is the same height as the last one at 13 1/2" tall. This time I tried a new crackle medium suggested by Cindi of CLC dolls. Thanks Cindi! It is very subtle, not sure if you can even see it in the pics, perhaps if you click the pic to enlarge. Next time I will try putting it on thicker to see if I can get a larger crackle. At first I was going to just put her into her antique white underwear, because I just love the beautiful underwear old dolls wear and think its a shame to cover it up sometimes. But when I finished it, she really needed some color, so I had to continue on and make her a dress. I love the way it turned out, it looks so 1860's!

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