Saturday, July 15, 2006

More work space!

As many of you know we live in a very small, very old house. When Isabel was born I always just had her crib in my room, and then when she got older we had to decide what to do about a bedroom. Her sister Chelsea's room is the smallest room in the house, and I always thought I would move my studio up there and give the larger room to the girls. But as time went on, my stash grew bigger, and my need for more work space grew as well. It soon became clear there was no way to fit all my stuff in that tiny room. So Chelsea stayed up there, and Isabel and I shared the larger room for a workroom/bedroom. Chelsea was already 16 when we decided this, so we knew it would only be temporary. ANYHOW, long story short, Chelsea has now moved into an apartment of her own, and Isabel is getting ready to take over her room. THIS MEANS FINALLY ADEQUATE WORKSPACE FOR ME!!! I am getting excited and beginning to think about what I need to do to finally really get myself organized.
I have decided to divide my space into 5 sections.
1. Sewing area
this will incororate my machines, ironing board and cutting table.
2. Painting area
this will be my drawing table, all my paints, glues and messy craft stuff that I need to keep away from the fabrics, etc.
3.Office area
this is for my pc, files, paperwork and research; all the things I need for running the business of dollmaking and pattern publishing.
4.Photo area
this will be a small permanent set up for photographing dolls
5.Storage area
this will encompass all my large cabinets and bookshelves. all of my stash will NOT fit in here, and it will still be necessary to have the overflow stored in the basement.

I really hope to accomplish this soon(and also throw in here the renovating of the tiny bedroom for Isabel, which needs new everything!), before the busy fall season begins! Wish me luck!

Just for fun here is picture of my immense stash as it looked when we decided to combine my workspace and Isabels bedroom. Gasp! What a load!!


Maryellen said...

Welcome to Art doll Makers. I'm out here but sometimes I wonder....

Maryellen said...

Welcome to Art doll makers. I'm out here but somtimes I wonder...

Bettsi said...

How did it turn out? I love the way you planned on organizing the space. I think I will print that post and try to make it work for me too!