Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Lookie what I got!!

My lovely new friend BonnieJean noted my lament on the VCD yahoo board, that I was unable to get the Madame Alexander doll that I wanted when McDonalds was giving them away in Happymeals a couple of weeks ago! I started trying to collect them when I saw the little ballerina-she was so cute!
So BonnieJean sent me the ballerina, a darling little snowman(perfect for my collection that I will be pulling out soon for the holidays!), and a wonderful little handmade beeswax thread waxer for hand sewing! How awesome is that!

Thank you BonnieJean!
Here are all the Madam A dolls I have collected! They are so cute!

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Bettsi said...

Lucky you! That snowman is darling! Internet friends are such fun, aren't they?